Ayurvedic Cooking

Linda Bretherton/Vani, Wise Earth UK & Europe Master Trainer will be demonstrating and talking about Ayurvedic Food and Cooking. Ayurveda means the Science of Life.

Linda has been an Ayurvedic Consultant, Author of ‘Dosha for Life’, Ayurveda Therapist, Vastu Interior Designer and is now a Master Trainer. She understands the very foundations of how our body constitutions respond and react to external and environmental issues and internal problems that can affect our body and mind. She has a Master’s Degree in psychology. She was trained at the WE Monastery Ayurvedic School in NC, USA over a four year period, with Swamini Mayatitananda (Mother Maya) then a Vedic monk, in the authentic practices of Ayurveda.

After working in the US and Europe, she has relocated in Machynlleth running a small Ayurveda Apothecary and Vastu Shop.
Linda will be giving a talk on Ayurveda, where you can ask any questions. She will also be doing a demonstration, making Ayurveda’s iconic dish kichadi and making a masala mix with herbs and spices.

There are lots more details of what Linda has to offer on her website: www.athomewithayurveda.com. She also has a Facebook Group: facebook.com/groups/athomewithayurveda/. You can contact her directly on hello@athomewithayurveda.com