Crochet with BythecrookofmyHook

crochet dog bythehookofmycrook

Come crochet with BythecrookofmyHook and learn this amazingly versatile craft. I have been crocheting for over 30 years; taught by my older brother who learned from our neighbours – Lifespan, a commune based on self-sufficiency.

crochet wristwarmers bythehookofmycrook

These days I sell and exhibit my creations working mainly in the style of “freeform crochet” a branch of crochet that borrows heavily from Irish Lace Crochet. Freeform is a wonderful expressive form of crochet that can be used for homewares, making winter woollies, shoes, socks, slippers, decorations, gifts, jewellery, art/sculpture, clothes and for upcycling old clothes into new – imagine it and it can be made in crochet.
crochet slippers bythehookofmycrook

Beginners will learn to crochet quickly with my techniques and the more experienced will learn advanced stitches and the mechanics of freeform crochet, making a small item to take home and how to use crochet to repair and/or create new clothes from old ones.