Foraging walks at Crabapple with Stu

Our resident forager Stu will be leading wild food foraging walks around the grounds of Berrington hall and also demonstrating his anaerobic gas digester.

Crabapple Community have a beautifully bio-diverse site with mature trees all round. They are one of the oldest housing cooperatives in the country formed in 1975. They moved to Berrington Hall 2 years later


One of the residents, Ali, will be giving a tour of the community hall and gardens.

Stu talking to group in garden

Stu and his family are long-term residents of Crabapple Community and he is an expert in the wild food of the local area. Stu is a trained perma-culturalist and has been honing his foraging skills since the early 80s. June will bring lots of salads and herbs and we will be cooking something delicious with what we find.