Baker’s Arms Cafe Menu 2019

Meal tickets for our harvest camp are £30 and cover every meal from Friday evening until Sunday evening. They include tea and coffee all day. Please bring your own plates, bowls, mugs and cutlery. Hot water washing up station provided. If you don’t want the meal deal, you can buy food and drinks in cash.

Breakfast £2.50

Freshly baked Bread, Porridge (GF), Jam/Peanut butter, Boiled eggs
Tea (50p), Coffee (instant 50p/real £1), Milks

Lunch £4

Veggie burger (w/ fresh herbs and spring onion) or Vegan Soup, Freshly baked Bread rolls, Green salad, Sauce, Pickles, Hummus

Evening Meal Friday £6

Vege Lasagna w/cheese or Vegan linguine w/tofu or Veggie Burger
Steamed greens, Lentil salad, green salad, GF Brown Rice Pasta

Evening Meal Saturday £6

Curry Night: A plate of Saag aloo, chickpea & tomato curry, aubergine curry or a Veggie Burger/flatbread
chapatis, rice, chutneys/raitas

Evening Meal Sunday £6

Baked potatoes, Chilli sin Carne, Cheese, Hummus, Baked beans, Coleslaw, Seeds, Green salad

From the Bar:

Cader Ales £3.50/pint, Cider £3.50/pint, G&T £3.50/single £5/double, Whiskey/Brandy coffee £3.50, cans of fizzy £1, cordial £.50p

Food information

Although we will take every care to make sure that our food has clear information about all its ingredients, we cannot guarantee that it will be free of nuts, gluten or other things that you may be intolerant of or allergic to. Our catering crew are knowledgeable and friendly, please ask them about the ingredients for each dish. There will be a low gluten option for every meal and anything containing nuts or other known common allergens will be labelled. If you know that you are severely allergic to anything please bring your own food. We cannot cater for those with severe allergies.