Howlin’ Mat

Tales of late nights, lay-bys and beans from a tin. Howlin’ Mat plays raw stripped-down Blues from the heart of his bottom. His dry acerbic wit and self-deprecating humour combine with a deft touch on his home built instruments.

“…Howlin’ Mat is every inch the blues man and fast becoming one of the hardest working solo acts in the UK and Europe. His wife did leave him, he did lose his house and sleep in his car, he does have no money and his back does hurt. So when you hear Howlin’ Mat play you know it comes straight from the heart as he wrings every ounce of passion out of his guitars to bring you his real life tales of cheap hotels, too much alcohol, late nights and fast food. This is no fancy fair with the rough edges all polished and made squeaky clean but the real raw roots deal.”

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