Kitchen Medicines with Zoe Naylor

zoe nettles giving her kitchen medicines workshop to an interested group of 20 people sat in a large tent

This Kitchen Medicines training session will reveal the medicine chest you have in your kitchen cupboards. It will cover the medicinal properties of key herbs, spices and vegetables often used in cooking and how to use them medicinally to support the health of you and your loved ones.

Zoe Naylor is a plant person who endeavors remain rooted in nature. She has a clinic in Stretford, and teaches plant medicine in Manchester. She is part of the Radical Herbalism collective aiming to open dialogue which associates the root of ill to the systemic social oppressions we live under. She is particularly interested in making Herbal Medicine accessible.

Zoe says: “Herbal Medicine is a traditional form of medicine that has been used for thousands of years. Herbs are natural healers, and work with the bodies natural physiological responses to bring the body back into balance along with lifestyle and dietary changes. Herbs can treat & support a range of conditions. Herbal Medicine is a form of holistic health care that takes into account how the whole body is working and aims to treat the root cause of the disease alongside the symptoms. It can work alongside Orthodox drugs and Herbalists are trained in Herb – Drug interactions. After a full consultation assessing your presenting complaints, your body systems, lifestyle and diet. A health plan is made and an individual herbal remedy tailored to your health needs and constitution is prescribed.

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