Permaculture and Urban Community Gardening

Pete Tatham and Behla Hutchinson from HP Source.

Pete and Behla will be giving a talk on urban community gardening and permaculture, showing a film about HP Source and Pete will be spinning some reggae tunes on our Solar stage.

Hyde Park Source are a long standing successful non-profit organisation who are based in Leeds. They improve health and well being through improving the environment.
In this workshop they will be discussing how they have integrated Permaculture theory into practice.

They will be sharing some stories from their projects – films, photos, discussions and providing an open space for discussion with people attending the workshop, depending on what people are interested in learning more about.

Individual ‘surgeries’ will also be offered to people who want advice on; setting up a new project, working collaboratively, applying for funding or any other subject they might be able to help you with!

Jedi Pete – Reaction Sound System
Modern roots rockas and steppin dubs!