Permaculture Introduction with Tammi Dallaston

Permaculture symbol

Permaculture is a system of regenerative design, influenced by natural systems with the core ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares/Future Care. It is a response to social, economic and environmental challenges and is a tool for personal transformation and social change. It can be a wonderful tool for re-approaching life, work, gardening and relationships, if you are looking for a shift in thinking.

This is an interactive taster workshop for giving you a sense of what Permaculture is and how it could be useful. It is open to complete beginners and the principles can be applied to all kinds of situations and systems. It is a very practical and helpful way to look at things.

Tammi Dallaston Bio:
Manager of Field Families (permaculture at events) – which includes the co-ordination of Glastonbury Festival Permaculture Gardens and areas at the Green Gathering and Northern Green Gathering. Lead within Dyfi Permaculture – a local voluntary group that meets each month. Currently working for Cambrian Wildwood, a rewilding charity in Wales; Cefn Coch Farm, an agroforestry farm; and CiP – Children in Permaculture, also a director of Mach Maethlon – a co-op encouraging local food projects in the Dyfi Valley, Wales. Founder member of Permaculture Wales (Paramaethu Cymru). Director of Mach Maethlon. Now managing the inception of a community woodland project – Teulu’r Goedwig – near Machynlleth, and Planna Fwyd! community food resilience project.