Solar Cooking with SLICK

Using the sun to cook is simple, when you know how. Sunlight hitting a dark surface will heat it. If this heat is trapped in a ‘greenhouse’ the dark surface will keep getting hotter. Solar Cookers collect sunlight with reflectors shining maximum power onto the dark surface. Dark surfaces combined with super insulated, heat tempered glass under direct sun can easily cook, roast or grill food.
There are several sorts of solar cooker.
Solar cooking for recreation, leisure and convenience is little known in the UK and rarely seen in Europe – despite excellent conditions. We feel this is due to general lack of knowledge of this low impact, energy saving and clean cooking method. Its a great educational tool for basic physics and understanding the ‘greenhouse effect’ – eat as you learn!.
We have shown that Solar Cooking works well in the UK. Our study shows that family scale Solar Cooking is viable in the UK’s difficult climate and could save up to 5% off a household’s cooking bill during one year if used regularly (in suitable conditions). In promoting this we are directly challenging the widely held view that the UK doesn’t have enough sun for solar cooking – it does. But its not ‘Arizona’, so we are currently developing further cutting edge study and technology to enhance options for solar thermal cooking in the UK.
SLiCK – Seriously Low impact Cooking
Baking bread with sunshine…