The Baker’s Arms

Our pop-up pub is the Baker’s Arms. Serving cold drinks inc local real ale and cider, G&T and Organic wines.

We have confirmed with Salopian Brewery that they can rack us off a cask or two of their Shropshire Gold before they add the finings. This makes it vegan! Finings are made from fish guts and are added in order to clear beer. The beer will be slightly hazy but the taste is unaffected. (The beer is never clear near here dear…)

Our wine is Supplied by Wild Crafty Brew (part of the Rewild Project). There will be 2 sorts – 100% Birch Sap (dry and crisp with a subtle floral essence) and Cherry (fruity and warm).

The G&Ts are unashamedly mainstream. Fever-tree tonic from a can (recycled) and a decent Gin. Lemon and Ice optional…

Loads to do at Radical Bakers! Focused workshops, live music and DJs, a cafe with a fully catered option, walks and activities in the grounds of Berrington Hall. Tickets on sale HERE.