Tomas Remiarz from GreenLand Services – Forest Gardening

Tomas Remiarz is an experienced teacher and Permaculturalist and will be leading a couple of sessions, one on Permaculture and one on Forest Gardening at our Summer Gathering 2023.

Tomas has a book about Forest Gardening on sale through his website.

  • Forest Gardening In Practice features:
    • A history of forest gardening.
    • An overview of the ecological theory behind forest gardens.
    • 14 in-depth case studies of established forest gardens and edible landscapes in Europe and the USA.
    • Chapters on integrating learning, enterprises, working in community and public settings.
    • A step-by-step guide to creating your own edible ecosystem.

    portrait of Tomas Remiarz at the eden project

    Over the years I have helped design, plant and maintain forest gardens across Britain and Europe, and learned a great deal in the process. I also enjoy sharing my learning in many courses on forest gardening and permaculture and helping people with realising their own forest garden visions.