Are you looking for festival meal tickets so you don’t have to worry about cooking? We cook hearty food with decent portions. Cafe RB offers two fully catered meal deals. Meal Deal 1 provides ten meals from Thursday evening to Sunday evening, while Meal Deal 2 offers seven meals from Friday evening to Sunday evening. Both options include pizza, fresh coffee from 8am to 6pm and a large slice of sticky cake in the Afternoon. We are happy to do things that aren’t on the menu, Egg Butties in the Morning for instance… Not everything is Veggie – We do a meaty Pizza!

All the food is freshly prepared, with on-site baked bread. You can purchase individual meals with cash or card. After you purchase your meal tickets, you will receive an email with your order number. You just need your name and this number to collect your meal ticket from the Cafe. If you do not receive an order number, email us on We provide Vegware compostable food cartons. Please see our menus below.

pssst… yes the Spicy Sausage Pizza has actual spicy sausage on it.

The vegan Pizza has hummus without the lemon in place of cheese. We find this works a lot better than any vegan cheese we have tried. We do stock vegan cheese though, so ask for this if you prefer. 🙂