Confirmed workshops for Radical Bakers June 2019

Brewing, Wild food, Natural Beekeeping, Cold smoking, Wild meat and Community Agriculture. Mushroom Growing, Seed Saving, Orchards and forestry, Crafts businesses and willow growing, Basic auto mechanics, Thermo-electrics, Solar power and batteries, Green Architecture. Herbalism: Ointments and salves and Colds and flu.

Fermenting area: intro to Fermented food and drinks inc. Sauerkraut and Kombucha, Dynamic fermentation and Kimchi from waste vegetables.

The Bakery: Team Bake-Off, Bulk baking with Andy’s Bread, Sourdough Baking, Making cakes, Gluten-free, Healthy cakes, Young bakers and Milling grains.

Textiles Tent: Up-cycling textiles, Spinning, Dyeing and Textile sovereignty, Knitting, Crochet and Textile arts.

Crafts awnings: Green woodworking, Willow crafts and Raku pottery, Soil building, Biochar and Smallholding.

Other activities include a tour of Crabapple Community and a morning choir. More to come. Click the links or scroll down for more details.

Team Bake-off and Baking area

Gather your wits for the Team Bake-off. The limit is your imagination, the rules fluid, the judging kind. The weekend starts with a Friday evening baking session introducing you to the baking area. Bake-off teams can be formed of any reasonable number. You can…

Natural Bee Keeping with BfD

Monica from BfD will be giving a talk/demonstration of Natural Beekeeping and leading a Bee walk in the grounds of Berrington Hall. She will bring some equipment (but no bees!) to illustrate her talk and demonstration, and some honeys for tasting. This workshop is…

Low Impact Architecture

John will be talking about Low impact design and Passivhaus building. He will also be talking about Machynlleth’s reaction to Climate emergency. He is creating an online tool for collaboration and organisation around making actual change. John Williamson has designed & built Low Impact…

Textiles with Julie Henderson

julie talking to people in the textiles tent

The Textiles tent is a calm yet busy space inside a lovely, white canvas marquee. Julie and Sally will be providing support, advice and sewing skills to upcycle textiles and fabric throughout Radical Bakers, concentrating on what you need for low impact living. Come…

Bulk Baking with Andy’s Bread

Andy will be running bulk baking sessions to bake the bread for the café each morning. Andy’s Bread is a small artisan bakery based in Llanidloes, Powys. Their range includes slowly fermented rye and wheat sourdough breads, traditional tin loaves and viennoiserie products. Andy…

Home Brewing with Scott Rewild

wild cafty brewing scott and son

Brewing is one of the oldest crafts known to humans. The age-honoured hobby of making wines and beers from fruits, vegetables, flowers, grains, honey and herbs. Home Brewing has never been easier. You can choose to not add unnecessary sugars, preservatives and other chemicals….

Soil Building and Biochar with Ed Revill

We are increasing food production, whilst expecting ever cheaper food. Intensive farming is causing alarming rates of soil erosion and climate change. Ed Revill’s workshop on Biochar and soil building aims to understand and explore a path back to living within the Earth’s capacity…


Willow Be-Hooked help you make your own willow creation – something for your home or garden or a present for a friend. Its a beautiful mellow space for meeting and crafting. Willow-be-Hooked will be making the wicker part of some Bannetons for baking sourdough…

Colds and Flu Remedies with Iain Stewart

iain stewarts workshop a woman labels and weighs small bottles

For anyone who wants to become more confident in treating either themselves or their children through common illnesses … before going to see the doctor. This workshop will provide tried and tested, easy and practical ways to manage coughs, colds and fevers, with lots…

Dynamic Fermentation with John Baker

Dynamic Fermentation is a new approach to making yogurt that focuses on quality and simplicity. Designed with the vegan kitchen in mind, Dynamic Fermentation takes place in a simple but unique fermentation chamber with no heating or stirring and requires no more than 5…