An archive of some of the activities at our gatherings. It doesn’t count the impromptu skill shares, conversations and chance meetings that really make it worthwhile (or the ones without articles written yet…). Radical Bakers Gatherings have full days of workshops in nice canvas spaces. Our focus is on self-reliance and sustainability.
Scroll down to find full articles on our past workshops or check the event pages for details of this year’s confirmed activities.

Radical Bakers Gathering, Crabapple Community, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
More details, confirmed workshops and tickets HERE.
Radical Bakers Harvest Camp, Cerddin Farm, Llanymawddwy, Gwynedd, Wales
More details and tickets HERE.

Fermenting Vegetables with Annie Levy

Annie Levy teaching basic fermenting skills surrounded by people in a small marquee

Fermenting vegetables is an ancient food skill in renaissance as a modern kitchen art. I teach creative kraut and kimchi making, starting with the basics and encouraging a sense of empowerment towards developing a personal practice at home. Fermenting is easy and I present…

Upcycled Jewellery with Julie Dawson

We will be learning some basic jewellery making techniques that will allow us to do basic repairs as well as make our own pieces. We’ll then transform found and natural objects and waste materials into wearable upcycled art. All materials will be supplied, but…

Permaculture Introduction with Rosalind

Rosalind in a polytunnel with green plants and produce

Permaculture is a system of regenerative design, influenced by natural systems with the core ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares/Future Care. It is a response to social, economic and environmental challenges and is a tool for personal transformation and social change….

Singing with Polly Wilde

a group of people singing together

Polly is an experienced singing leader who will teach songs around the theme of land justice and land love. No experience necessary, all songs taught by ear. “Polly holds space for singing and sound in a way that instantly puts you at ease and…

Bat Identification with Kath

Was that a bat…? Everything you should know about those little flying animals. An introductory workshop on common UK bats, their habitats, lifecycles and interaction with people. Topics include identifying UK bats you might see, flight patterns, echolocation principles and bat detectors, roosts and…

Herbal first aid and Wild food foraging and cooking

We are Ryan, Cathryn & Savannah, a family of gatherers. We are passionate about re-discovering the skills of our ancestors and passing on this knowledge. We have been gathering seeds this year to start growing a herbal medicine garden as well as planting and…

Paper Weaving with Sara from Smptree

Paperweaving, creating useful containers from waste printed matter, the more ethical the printed matter the better the weave. Paperweaving is for all ages, it does require a degree of accuracy, lighter paper is better than heavy paper, china clay finish (weekend colour supplements) is…

Haybox cooking with Jane and Seggy

jane and Seggy demonstrating retained heat cooking

Haybox cookers are so called because the early versions used hay as insulation. It is also referred to as fireless cooking or retained heat cooking. Jane and Seggy will be demonstrating this efficient way of cooking. More details on their website: They are…

Baker’s Arms Cafe

There is a fully catered tickets option for Radical Bakers. The meal deal is seven meals from Friday evening until Sunday evening, including all day tea and coffee until 7pm and a Wood-fired Pizza for the Sunday evening meal. You can also buy meals…

Team Bake-off and Baking area

Gather your wits for the Team Bake-off. The limit is your imagination, the rules fluid, the judging kind. The weekend starts with a Friday evening baking session introducing you to the baking area. Bake-off teams can be formed of any reasonable number. You can…