Radical Bakers Harvest Camp

8 – 11 September 2022 at Crabapple Community, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK.

Radical Bakers Harvest Camp is a hardy and free-thinking camping weekend with a purpose of building our resilience and self-reliance. Days of hands-on workshops with Live Music and a Real Ale and Cider bar each evening. We offer fully catered tickets and you are welcome to camp from Thursday to Monday. We have clean, working composting toilets, clean drinking water, a hot shower (!!) and loads of space for tents and campervans in a beautiful location. Tickets are available only at the bottom of this page.

Workshops at Harvest Camp 2022

Marquee and Tent Repair with Julie Henderson.

Wildlife Walks – Marvellous Mammals and an early morning session on Bird Language with Sam from Scruff Stuff.

Green Woodwork and Bushcraft with Neil Hopkins from Forgeways.

Foraging Walks around the grounds of Berrington Hall with Eleri from Healing Earth Remedies.

Tree and Plant Herbal First-Aid with Ryan Knight-Fox. Ryan will also be sharpening tools.

Basic Hydroponics with Andy Alder from Home Farm. Basic DIY Hydroponics using readily available materials that are often found for free. We will look at different types of set up, including: Bottle Hydroponics, Floating rafts, Wicking beds, Nutrient Film Techniques and Flood and Drain. We will construct a simple system using scrap materials and discuss the techniques for use at home. We will look at rain water harvesting and producing comfrey tea as a plant nutrient for the system.

Methane and Hydrogen production with gas digestion, biochar inoculation and community energy projects with Stu Watson

Orchard Management and Harvesting Fruit with Orchard Daughters – Merched Y Berllan. Orchards beyond fruit: harvesting & storing yield, winter repairs & creating new beginnings.

Personal Resilience with Christine Conroy.

Sara SMPTree – Recycled Paper Baskets

Irene Gardiner – Recycled Wire Jewellery

Profanity Embroidery with Lisa Moomin.

Spinning and Dyeing with local plants – Stella Berg.

Lithium Batteries, Solar Power and LEDs with Blake from Green Dragon, building 5V USB Powerbanks from reclaimed laptop cells, basics of LED diodes.

Jo Blackman – Tour of the walled gardens and vegetable plots at Crabapple Community.

We will be baking all the bread for the Baker’s Arms Café on-site and you can get involved in the baking sessions. We have our Camp Market each lunchtime, where you are welcome to sell your own hand-made or second-hand items. More details to come: Home Ed and more tbc. A full timetable for Harvest camp will be available before the event, there is always lots to do along with a couple of quality bands. Take a look at the sort of things we have in our Workshop archives.

Live Music 2022

We are proud to host the Green Dragon Solar Stage with live entertainment on Friday and Saturday. Our stage uses quality modern equipment, experienced sound technicians and is powered from the Sun.

This year we have a new Birds and Beasts psychedelic disco set for the Friday eve and The Wild Edric Cèilidh Band on the Saturday. There will also be a set from Rowan Bartram over the weekend.

Bayston Hillbillies

Take a look at past bands in our Music archives.


The Baker’s Arms Café serves food from Thursday evening until Monday morning. The Meal Ticket is seven meals from Friday evening until Sunday evening, including tea and coffee from 8am to 6pm, cake in the afternoon and a Wood-fired Pizza for the Sunday evening meal. You can also pay for meals and drinks in cash or by card. More details of the fully catered option Here.

Radical Bakers Harvest Camp 2022 menu

Breakfasts are Organic GF porridge with generous portions of nuts and dried fruit, fresh bread with peanut butter, fresh coffee and tea, boiled eggs, butter, marge, oat milk, moo juice
Thurs Eve: Woodfired Pizza £7 (and come back for seconds if you wish!)
The Meal ticket starts from the Friday Evening meal.
Friday: Breakfast £4, Lunch – Aubergine curry, coleslaw, Cannellini bean salad £6
Fri Eve – 6-7.30pm Veg Pakora, yoghurt/soy yoghurt mint sauce, green leafy salad, flatbread, coleslaw and onion chutney.
Sat Lunch – Clay oven roasted seasonal veg soup, fresh bread, green leafy salad, hummus with paprika and olive oil.
Sat Eve – Curry Night! Nutty Spicy Yellow Split Pea Dal, Basmati rice, Veg Masala with Roast Courgette, Home-made pickles, flatbreads.
Sun Lunch – Ramen with Vegan Broth (no soy), Noodles (V), Spicy Sauce (Soy), Sesame Seeds, Broccoli, Cabbage, Roasted Seasonal Veg, Boiled Egg or Fried Tofu served on the side.
Sun Eve 6-7.30pm– Woodfired Pizza – Margarita, Vege Supreme, The Spicy one, vegan and gf options available.
Monday Breakfast £4

Please bring your own drinking vessels such as pint pots and teacups, bowls, plates and cutlery. We do not provide any of these. There is a washing up station with hot water. The bar has several local real ales and ciders, wine and craft Gin.

Buy tickets for Radical Bakers Harvest Camp 2022.

Radical Bakers Harvest Camp, 8-11th September 2022 Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Pay securely with credit or debit cards through Paypal, you do not need an account. Ticket prices include booking fees, car parking, camping and access to all the workshops and entertainment. Contact us by email: hello@radicalbakers.org if you have any questions not covered on our Info page. Unfortunately, we can’t ensure that everyone will be a responsible dog owner and so we can’t have dogs at our events. Please read the Terms and Conditions, Covid Response & Safer Spaces policies before buying tickets and be sure you can agree to them.

There are only 60 adult places in 2022. There are no day tickets or tickets on the gate. After you have bought tickets you will receive a confirmation email from hello@radicalbakers.org – if you do not receive this email, check your spam folder and then email us. Click ‘add to basket’ once for each ticket required and then click ‘view basket‘ to checkout.

  • Adult Weekend (18+) 2022 Harvest Camp

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  • Adult Meals 2022 Harvest Camp

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  • Child Weekend (Under 18) 2022 Harvest Camp

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  • Child Meals (under 12) 2022 Harvest Camp

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  • Toddler (under 4) 2022 Harvest Camp

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  • Campervan 2022 Harvest Camp

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