Terms and Conditions

Safer Spaces Policy

A Safer Spaces Policy is an agreement that you enter into with all the other people at the event. It clearly states what is acceptable in terms of how we interact with each other.

It is important that we are all clear about what is acceptable and what to do if things go wrong. We have a designated responsible (and trusted by us) person who you can bring your concerns to in confidence at any time during the event, if you feel someone is being out of order or just in general if you feel something is wrong.

Look after yourself and those around you, our staff are on hand at the first aid/welcome point if you have any problems. We have a detailed child protection policy and designated person as well as an event management and safety plan. Copies of all these available on request.

We will fully support you if you have any concerns. We are here to ensure everyone’s safe attendance at our event and we take people’s safety and happiness very seriously. If a resolution is not available on-site, we have the last ditch option of calling on the police or social services. We will not hesitate to do this if we feel there has been criminal wrongdoing.

Privacy Policy

We will never share your data with a third party and will only use it to inform you about our events. If you buy tickets we will add you to our mailing list. You can unsubscribe at anytime from the link at the bottom of the email. All customer information is stored on a secure server and we only keep names, postcodes, email addresses and order details. We do not keep any of your financial details.