Bob from Backpackinglight

Bob teaching tarp pitching

Bob Cartwright from Backpackinglight will be offering a variety of courses over the weekend. As a keen bivvy and tarp wild camper user he will be on hand to show you the some of the different ways to effectively pitch a tarp for shelter in inclement weather.

Simple easy to remember knots and methods useful in any camping situation. Knowledge is the lightest skill of all and will last a lifetime. He and his wife Rose will also be discussing their new book on food dehydration (and may have a few taster samples to share) plus tips on how to pack light for any outdoor adventure.

He also will be showing the flat pack Honey Stove and Pocket Stove for the bushcrafter and woodsman which he invented, made in the UK and sold by Ray Mears amongst others for many years.

Find out more on Bob and Rose’s website: