Low Voltage Electrical Wiring: A Beginner’s Guide

Join our beginner-friendly session and learn the essentials of low voltage wiring and safety. Perfect for newcomers, this workshop will equip you with the skills for safe DIY battery and wiring projects.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Basic principles of low voltage wiring, fusing and safety
  2. Using testers and multimeters and understanding the numbers
  3. Battery types, handling and Battery Safety

About the instructor:

Blake, founder of Green Dragon, has 15 years of experience in small-scale DC systems. He powers his stage at events using solar panels and battery power. With solar panels now affordable, you too can harness off-grid energy for various applications, including powering appliances and lighting.

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Risk Assessment and Control Measures

Risk: 12V Lead-Acid Battery

Lead-Acid batteries contain acid that may seep out onto the tops. Overcharged batteries can generate hydrogen gas and explode, while shorted batteries can cause metal objects to melt, vaporize, or explode.

Control Measures:

  • Battery terminals will be covered when not being accessed.
  • Battery used will be stationary and wiped down.
  • Customers will wash hands after touching battery.
  • Part of the workshop will involve battery handling, storage, and safety.
  • Battery will be charged to manufacturer’s specs by a dedicated CC/CV power supply.

Risk: Burns from Soldering Iron or Heat Gun

There is a risk of minor burns from these devices.

Control Measures:

  • First aid kit with Burn Gel dressings.
  • Heat used under supervision by Green Dragon staff only.
  • Fire Extinguisher.