Dynamic Fermentation with John Baker

Dynamic Fermentation is a new approach to making yogurt that focuses on quality and simplicity. Designed with the vegan kitchen in mind, Dynamic Fermentation takes place in a simple but unique fermentation chamber with no heating or stirring and requires no more than 5 mins attention for each batch of milk. It produces great tasting fresh yogurts.

Dynamic fermentation

John Baker ran a few sessions over the weekend making soy yoghurt and we hoped to be able to scale up enough to supply the Cafe for at least one meal. Yogurt making is an area where, left to itself and given the right conditions, nature both simplifies matters and does a great job. Session one will involve setting up and priming the equipment and session two will involve harvesting the yogurt and aftercare/maintenance.

More information including detailed instructions at www.dynamic-fermentation.co.uk

This is just one of the workshops in our Fermenting Corner. There will be several talks on different ways to preserve food. You are also welcome to bring your preserves and ferments to swap and sell.

Tickets are on sale now from our tickets page. We are a sustainable gathering focusing on learning and sharing practical skills.