Haybox cooking with Jane and Small scale Solar with Seggy

jane and Seggy demonstrating retained heat cooking

Jane is looking forward to doing a Haybox Thermal Cooking workshop. There has been a lot of interest in it generally since the fuel price hike.

Insulated baskets for retained heat cooking

Haybox cookers are so called because the early versions used hay as insulation. It is also referred to as fireless cooking or retained heat cooking. Jane and Seggy will be demonstrating this efficient way of cooking. More details on their website: www.sf-environmental.org/haybox-cooking.

Solar Power Pack

Seggy will be running a “Building a Solar Power Pack” workshop. He will bring 5 kits to accommodate 10 delegates, working in pairs to build a power pack to power some LED lights and charge phones The kits use a 7Ah sealed lead acid battery and work off a 20W solar panel.

Jane and Seggy are also involved in a charity called SF Environmental. SF Environmental was established in November 2017 to promote technologies and products which protect the environment and have a positive impact on the communities in which they are used. www.sf-environmental.org.