Heritage Grains, Milling and Baking

As part of the Radical Bakers Team Bake-off, we will be selecting heritage flours and grinding grains and there will be the option to mix this flour with a sourdough starter (there will be a choice of strains). There will be 2 sessions each day and then a final baking session on Sunday with the grand-final.

If you want to use a sourdough starter then ideally you need to grind your grains on the Thurs or Friday. There will also be fresh yeast and other leavening methods available. There will be a few baking sessions over the weekend with stainless steel catering surfaces, bowls and utensils provided.

Solar-Powered Flour

stone grain mill

There will be a variety of grains for home-milling: Spelt wheat, or a special blend of an old heritage bread wheat or even some Einkorn grain. We have an electric stone flour mill powered from the solar power. In addition we will have a few nice pre-milled flours and other baking ingredients.