Herbal first aid with Knight-fox Wild about Learning

We are Ryan, Cathryn & Savannah, a family of gatherers. We are passionate about re-discovering the skills of our ancestors and passing on this knowledge. We have been gathering seeds this year to start growing a herbal medicine garden as well as planting and harvesting wild edibles. We specialise in delivering courses in Foraging, Herbal Medicine, Bark Containers, Green Woodwork, Cordage, Natural Dyes & Inks and Campfire Cooking. We also own Knight-Fox Wild About Learning, where we run woodland clubs for children of all ages, holiday events and family days.

We will be leading workshops at Radical Bakers on Foraging & Campfire Cooking, where we will discover a wide range of wild edibles, from greens, to seeds, to roots and do some cooking over a campfire. Our other workshop will be Herbal Medicine for First Aid, where we will discover a wide range of herbal medicine plants, learn about herb teas, vinegars, syrups, infused oils, tinctures and finish by making some ointments.

Website: www.knight-foxwildaboutlearning.co.uk
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