Bird Language and Marvellous Mammals with Scruff Stuff

Sam from Scruff Stuff will be delivering 2 sessions on Wildlife. They are based in Shropshire and run courses in the local area. Sam is full of energy and enthusiasm and Crabapple is really biodiverse, so these sessions will be really fun and informative. These sessions are open to adults and children. Sam will also be running a wild play session with the kids each day.

Instagram: @scruff.stuff

Understanding Bird Language

Have you ever stopped and really listened to what the birds are saying to each other? Understanding their language can open up a whole new way of perceiving the world around us. This workshop will teach you some common bird calls, basic bird language, and give you the opportunity to connect deeply with nature.

Marvellous Mammals and How to Find Them

Become a wildlife detective! As elusive mammals move about the countryside, they leave behind all sorts of clues as to their presence. Footprints, droppings, fur and trails are all things we can seek out and explore to uncover the stories of a wild animals. This workshop will teach you how to identify some common footprints, and how to find wildlife clues all around you.