All Tickets for Radical Bakers Gatherings

This is a list of all the tickets for Radical Bakers Gatherings that are currently for sale. If you are not ordering from the event page, then please ensure you purchase the correct ticket for the event you wish to attend. Contact us by email: if you have any questions not covered on our Info page.

You can also purchase these tickets directly from the event pages: Summer Gathering, Camp Cerddin and Harvest Camp.

The ticket prices include booking fees, car parking, camping and access to all the workshops and entertainment. Unfortunately, we can’t ensure that everyone will be a responsible dog owner and so we can’t have dogs at our events. Details of the fully catered option Here. Please read the Terms and Conditions, Covid Response & Safer Spaces policies before buying tickets and be sure you can agree to them.

There are no day tickets or tickets on the gate. If the ticket you require is not shown below, it is sold out or not yet on sale. Click ‘add to basket’ once for each ticket required and then click ‘view basket‘ to checkout.