Baker’s Arms Cafe

Are you looking for a relaxing weekend where you don’t have to worry about cooking? Radical Bakers offers two fully catered meal deals including tea and coffee from 8am to 6pm, afternoon cake and delicious wood-fired pizza for the Sunday evening meal. Meal Deal 1 provides ten meals from Thursday evening to Sunday evening, while Meal Deal 2 offers seven meals from Friday evening to Sunday evening. .

If you prefer, you can also purchase individual meals and drinks with cash or card. You can also cook for yourself using gas in your campsite. All the food is freshly prepared, with locally sourced veggies and on-site baked bread. All the dishes are vegan, with vegetarian options like cheese/sheeze or yoghurt/soy yoghurt on the side. We also offer low-gluten options.

We provide a breakfast of organic gluten-free porridge loaded with nuts and fruit, fresh bread with peanut butter or jam (or egg for the hungry), fresh coffee, tea. For the rest of the menu, you can enjoy Pakoras, Soups, Curries, Chillis, Baked Potatoes, rice, salad, hummus, and more. For drinks, we have a bar that serves hot and cold beverages, including local real ale, cider, red/white wine, and quality G&Ts. The ale is sourced from local breweries and we always have a few to try.

All the bread for the weekend is baked on-site and there are bulk baking sessions to get involved with. Our caterers are totally into delivering good, hearty food, prepared and served with love. Don’t forget to bring your own beer or wine vessels, mugs, plates, bowls, and cutlery, as we don’t provide these. However, we do offer a washing-up station and hot hand-wash. Join us for Summer Gathering or Harvest Camp and let us take care of your meals so you can relax and take part.

2023 Summer Gathering Menu

    Breakfasts are Organic GF porridge with generous portions of nuts and stewed fruit, fresh bread with peanut butter or Jam (or both!), fresh coffee and tea, herbal teas, butter, marge, oat milk, moo juice
    Thurs Eve: Woodfired Pizza £8
    Friday: Breakfast w/ fresh coffee £5, Lunch £6
    Fri Eve – Veg Pakoras, yoghurt/soy yoghurt mint sauce, green leafy salad, coleslaw and onion chutney. £7.50
    Sat Lunch – Clay oven roasted seasonal veg soup, fresh bread, green leafy salad, hummus with paprika and olive oil. £6
    Sat Eve – Curry Night! Nutty Spicy Yellow Split Pea Dal, Basmati rice, Sag Aloo, Roast Courgette, Fresh Onion Pickle, Home-made Lime and Mango Chutney £8
    Sun Lunch – Chilli Bean Bowl with Rice or Baked Potato, Green Salad, House Hummus, Coleslaw, Cheese/Sheeze £7.50
    Sun Eve – Woodfired Pizza – Margarita, Vege Supreme, Vegan Sizzle, The Spicy one, gf options available. £8
    Mon Breakfast £4

Fully catered tickets available from the event pages: Summer Gathering, Harvest Camp.