Pav’s Cafe

There is a fully catered tickets option for Radical Bakers. The meal deal is every meal from Friday eve til Sunday lunch, plus all day tea and coffee and cakes in the afternoon. Also included is pizza on Thursday and Sunday nights.

The food from Pav and her crew is very good and served with joy. A lot of the fresh stuff is locally sourced and it all tastes amazing. Her crew work really hard and are totally into delivering good food. They are knowledgeable and friendly.

Pav says: “Hi, I’m Pav a chef, baker and pastry fanatic. I’m an advocate for zero waste and sustainably sourcing local and seasonal ingredients. I trained with the River Cottage to complete a cooking apprenticeship in 2015 whilst working in an Italian restaurant and have since moved into baking. My newest venture is in pastry. I cook vegetarian/vegan food inspired by my Punjabi heritage and travels.

The cafĂ© will be serving delicious meals that feature fresh and seasonal produce, organic where possible. All food will be vegetarian/vegan with a focus on healthy living. Serving foraged herb dressings, fermented side dishes and nutritious whole grains. We will cater for gluten free diets and offer equally good substitutes. The bread for our meals will come from the festival! You have the opportunity to create and enjoy freshly baked goodies over the weekend. Be experimental and bold with your flavours. Give gluten free a go!”

Sample Menu 2019

FRIDAY – Evening meal
A rich Algerian spiced vegetable tagine with chickpeas and dried fruit
Fresh herb and wild garlic salad
Sesame bread
GF option: GF bread

SATURDAY – Breakfast
Spice infused golden porridge served with toasted seeds and fruit compote
Freshly baked bread with a selection of spreads
GF option: GF bread
Boiled eggs, sliced cucumber and tomato

Maltese “not rabbit stew”
A slow cooked medley of vegetables in a tomato and red wine sauce with pearl barley
GF option: buckwheat/quinoa
Zesty parsley and onion salad
Sourdough bread
GF option: GF bread

Saturday – Evening meal
Punjabi thali
Mixed lentil dal, aloo gobi/carrot, swede, pea sabji
Coconut and fennel rice
Kashmiri red onion, lime pickle
VE option: dairy free yogurt
Roti/ flatbread
GF option: GF roti

Sunday – Breakfast
Spice infused golden porridge served with toasted seeds and fruit compote
Freshly baked bread with a selection of spreads
GF option: GF bread
Boiled eggs, sliced cucumber and tomato

Sunday – Lunch
Vegan mezze
Delicious baked vegetable kofte
Smoked baba ganoush
Shaved fennel salad
Pomegranate and dill couscous
GF option: quinoa
Olive/sun dried tomato bread
GF option: GF bread

There will also be some sweet treats served in the afternoons:
Raw energy balls with maca and cacao GF NF VE
Elderflower and cherry bakewell cake GF VE no almonds NF
Dark chocolate and beetroot brownie GF NF VE

The fully catered tickets are for six meals from the Friday evening meal until Sunday lunch time. There will be no other catering on-site during this time, but we will be firing up the pizza oven on Thursday and Sunday nights (included). Please bring your own plates and cutlery. Washing up stations with hot water provided.

The festival does not make money from the meal tickets, it all goes on buying food, hiring equipment and paying staff.

Although we will take every care to make sure that our food has clear information about all its ingredients, we cannot guarantee that it will be free of nuts, gluten or other things that you may be intolerant of or allergic to. Our catering crew are knowledgeable and friendly, please ask them about the ingredients for each dish. There will be a gluten-free option for every meal and anything containing nuts or known common allergens will be labelled. If you know that you are severely allergic to anything please consider bringing your own food. We cannot be held responsible if you have allergies/intolerances but chose to eat our food.

Fully catered tickets are available from