Analogue Noise Machines

The Green Dragon house band is Analogue Noise Machines, join me at my Maker Space in North Yorkshire or find me at festivals in the summertime. Build and play a home-made electronic instrument. Learn about the components, solder them together and play. Everything can be put through our speakers and lots of different instruments can be mixed in… Choose Between Logic Drone, Green Dragon 555 Dub Siren, Wien Bridge Oscillator, PT2399 Echo unit, the Orrible Filter or Blinky!.

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Logic Drone

CCCrazy Retro Dial-up noise from old logic ICs. The circuit uses a 74HC14 Hex Inverter Logic IC and supporting components to create 3 adjustable frequency square wave oscillations. These waves are then fed into 3 inputs on a Logic Multiplexer that correspond to binary 001, 010 and 100 respectively. This binary number tells the 74HC151 IC which input to send to it’s output Z. This means a constant and fairly random (or is it?…) jumping between inputs 0-7. You can get some extra funky effects from both large and small values of components for the oscillators.

Logic Drone Schematic

logic drone schematic
Click for larger image.

Logic Drone Component Datasheets

2 Logic drone noise generators

Logic Drone PCB

Click for larger image.

Kit coming soon.

555 Dub Siren and Analogue Filter

a pile of old PCBs - previous versions of our dub siren

Above are some of the previous versions of our basic Dub Siren made from 555 timers and an Opamp based filter. Add the PT2399 Delay Unit for some spaced out Analogue Noise Machine effects.

555 Siren Schematic

dub siren schematic
Click for larger image.

Green Dragon Siren Component Datasheets

555 Dub Siren PCB

This video was V1 of our Green Dragon Dub Siren, it has come on a long way since 2020 when this video was recorded.

Above are pics of some of the iterations it has taken to get to this stage. Full featured Dub siren in kit form coming soon.

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