Bees and Humans with Phil Cowley Jones

Phil ran this workshop in 2019.

An alternative approach to the care of bees. How to develop new understandings and ways of relating to the bee that work with the natural behaviour of the creature rather than the enforced and stressful behaviour seen in conventional, chemical-dependent, beekeeping. Phil does not advocate the farming of honey. This talk is on how to support bees, not rob them and Phil will be demonstrating a nest box and some comb.

Phil Cowley Jones is a drum maker by trade, working in partnership with his wife Lynne, they have also run many workshops and events over the years, all focused on our relationship with the land we live on.

Passionate about the myths, music and traditions of the British isles, he can often be found at various ancient sites in Kent his home county. With a great interest in the natural world from an early age, over the last five years he has been involved with the Kent wildlife surveys and now has launched a bee Rewilding project.

Loads more workshops and live music at Radical Bakers, 14-17th June, Crabapple community, Shropshire. Buy tickets Here.