Wild Meat with Tannery Organic Traditional

Scott ethically sources animals that are either road kill, food system waste or from hunting waste. He brought Grey Squirrels to RB2019. Squirrel meat is one of the safest, tastiest and healthiest meats out there. Scott will discuss what to watch out for when obtaining wild meat either from road kill or hunting waste. He will teach you how to skin the animal, which parts are edible and how to make the most of it. He will also show you how to butcher and the best ways to cook them. We will cook the meat and share the food. There will be leather and fur to check out, lots of books on the subject and a few stories to be shared.

Grey squirrels are responsible for huge amounts of damage to broadleaf woodland. The Forestry Commission stopped trying to control their numbers years ago and now the population of grey squirrels is extremely high. www.woodlands.co.uk/damage-by-grey-squirrels

In an effort to Rewild the forest and control the grey squirrel population the FC and Gloucestershire wildlife trust are introducing 60 Pine Martens to the Forest of Dean in 2019. They have already released them in Wales. www.forestholidays.co.uk/strathyre/pine-marten-conservation

Tannery Organic Traditional is part of The Rewild Project www.therewildproject.com