Home Brewing with Scott Rewild

wild cafty brewing scott and son

Brewing is one of the oldest crafts known to humans. The age-honoured hobby of making wines and beers from fruits, vegetables, flowers, grains, honey or herbs. Home Brewing has never been easier.

Learn to make drinks with pure and high quality ingredients. You can choose to not add unnecessary sugars, preservatives and other chemicals. You can make them organically and change recipes to your taste. Save money and use your drinks for barter or something else and you can have the satisfaction that what you have created hasn’t traveled for miles.

Bring a glass demijohn (preferred) or plastic 5litre bottle and Scott will help you create your own individual beer or wine.

The workshop will also look at ancient sacred and healing beer recipes, some more than 2000 years old:

“The ancient legends tell how the goddess took pity on the miserable plight of humanity and so loved her daughters that she bestowed the gift of beer and wine to their sole keeping. It is almost a universal human belief that beer and wine so that sons and daughters of men might celebrate possessed by the spirit of the mother earth mother and forget the sorrows of death with a barley cup of forgetfulness that gladdens hearts in song and rejoicing.” Alan Names 1995 taken without permission from the amazing book Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers by S.H.Buhner

Scott Rewild Baine says: Wild Crafty Brew (part of The Rewild Project) will talk and guide you through making a hedgerow wine from scratch. I will show you the basic equipment needed and we will forage what ever is available. I will also bring some ingredients just in case. We will mix the local easily accessible plants/fruits with organic fair trade sugar, spring water and yeast to make a wine. Depending on time we might make a simple beer. We will start a 25 litre wine which I will bring next year to taste and share.

Wild Crafty Brew is part of The Rewild Project.