Nutrition with Isy Morgenmuffel

Isy cooking nutrition

One of the keynote talks in 2018 was on Nutrition.

Isy will be demystifying nutritional science (e.g. fats, digestion, blood sugar), and giving ideas for developing a healthy relationship with food. A chance to ask questions and discuss practical solutions for improving how we eat.

Isy has been working with food for many years – catering, running a community cafe, promoting veganism, and talking to people about food. She did a degree in Human Nutrition (Bsc) and has been running short courses in nutrition, intuitive eating, and cookery in the Bristol area.

She is interested in: our collective responses to a damaging food system, inventive and tasty but simple and accessible plant-based cuisine, food growing, cider making, foraging, and getting people reconnecting with cooking and enjoying food.

She co-wrote a staple vegan cookbook Another Dinner is Possible and recently, Eat Like it Matters.

Another Dinner is Possible is both cookbook and guidebook featuring over 250 recipes for food that’s simple, cheap and tasty! Plus articles and guides to reconnecting with the food we eat, how food affects us on all levels of our lives, and some things we can do to develop a better relationship to it.

You can buy a copy of Another Dinner is Possible HERE. Now in its 3rd Hardback edition.

Eat Like it Matters is full of information but also encourages us to stop stressing and giving each other a hard time about food and instead build a better food culture together. Food choice in a capitalist, exploitative and unsustainable food system isn’t easy. This booklet is the culmination of years of being active around food – cooking, growing, mutual aid and community projects, promoting veganism, studying nutrition, autonomous health and trying to make sense of all the connections.

You can buy a copy of Eat Like It Matters HERE.