Camp market

market stalls in the baker's arms

Bring your crafts, Tat, produce, preserves and starters to swap and sell in our camp market. It is from lunchtime on Saturday and after the workshops on Sunday in the Baker’s Arms marquee. We will have a limited amount of tables or you are welcome to put a blanket down.

The things you are trading must be grown, hand made by you, second hand or otherwise compatible with our goal of becoming more sustainable. Sorry no imported or mass-produced goods. If in doubt, please email us on

If you want to bring your preserves to sell or swap, we also have the Fermenter’s Corner in the Kitchen tent where you can display your produce all weekend. Radical Bakers has lots of communal activities to get involved in, from Baking Bread to a Choir, a tour of Crabapple, sitting around the fire and the Workshops and Live Music. We are a sustainable event with a focus on food and practical skills. Buy tickets Here.