Camp market

market stalls in the baker's arms

Weekend ticket holders are welcome to have a stall at our Camp Market. Bring your crafts, upcycled items, Tat, homemade preserves, and fresh produce to swap and sell during the daytime on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We offer a limited number of tables, or you can opt to fly pitch with a tarp/blanket spread on the ground.

You are welcome to bring items that you’ve grown, crafted by hand, upcycled or acquired second-hand. We are focused on sustainability, so we kindly ask you to refrain from bringing imported or mass-produced goods. If you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us on

Radical Bakers offers communal activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in baking bread, singing in a choir, or relaxing around a warm fire with friendly people, there’s something for everyone. Our range of workshops cater to various interests and skill levels, so you can acquire new talents or polish your existing ones.

As a more sustainable event, Radical Bakers tries to foster a sense of community. Learn and share practical skills that enrich our lives while respecting the environment. If you’re a creative enthusiast with a love for crafts, making, and all things sustainable, join us at our Summer Gathering. Purchase tickets Here.