Growing Mushrooms with Nicki

Gourmet mushrooms are tasty and highly nutritious but expensive to buy. Food miles and low carbon food production are increasingly important. Mushroom growing can be part of a solution to these problems that most of us can easily take up at home.

This workshop will take you through how to grow mushrooms on logs, log inoculation, the equipment needed, aftercare, etc. You can also make a mushroom kit using recycled materials to take away. Mushrooms are high in protein, calcium and fibre and rich in antioxidants, many important minerals and vitamin D. They can be cooked in many different ways and add tremendous flavour to a dish.

Mushrooms are nature’s recyclers and are essential to our woodlands and pastures. Research is ongoing into the medicinal properties of mushrooms as well as their potential uses in habitat restoration. More details on Nicki’s website

Nicki says: Relocation to a rural setting and getting involved in sustainable food production led me to take part in a mushroom-growing course at Keveral Farm in Cornwall. Our children always spot wild mushrooms now, when we are out and about. They have seen mushrooms being harvested for eating. I believe that this practical involvement will reinforce their understanding of it being normal, right, and fun to be involved in producing your own food. I promote the growing of mushrooms on veganic, peat-free substrates, and use sustainable, low-impact, low-carbon, chemical-free methods in my workshops and mushroom production.