Shakira’s Cafe

There is a fully catered ticket option for Radical Bakers. The meal deal is every meal from Friday eve til Sunday lunch, plus all day tea and coffee and cakes in the afternoon. Also included is pizza on Thursday and Sunday nights.

The food from Shakira and her crew is very good and served with joy. A lot of the fresh stuff is locally sourced and it all tastes amazing. Her crew work really hard and are totally into delivering good food. They are knowledgeable and friendly.

Shakira says: “The main thing for me with food, apart from it tasting good, is the idea that ‘food should be thy medicine’. From that premise I’ve drafted out a menu that should tantalise the taste buds, be seasonal and local where possible, be sensory in its textures, scent and flavours and really importantly, help to support positive well-being by using ingredients that nurture the body and mind. The menu for the weekend (apart from some of the breakfast components served as an option and cooked in a separate kitchen) is vegan and gluten-free, so it is as inclusive as possible.”

– Whole grain, rye, gluten-free bread – with a selection of spreads (SATURDAY & SUNDAY)
– Fresh fruit – bananas, apples, possibly pineapple or melon (SATURDAY & SUNDAY)
– Porridge – with coconut milk, ginger, spices, sultanas, dates and apple compote (SATURDAY)
– Muesli – with seeds, sultanas, dates (SUNDAY)
– Boiled eggs (SUNDAY) Please note, these will be cooked in a separate kitchen and served as an option.

FRIDAY – Evening meal
– Summer vegetable and bean ratatouille
– Lemon and parsley new potatoes
– Leafy salad with pesto dressing
– Coleslaw with lemon and fennel seed

– Carrot, orange, fennel and lentil soup or a Thai broth
– Bread
– Leafy salad with coriander, parsley and cider vinegar dressing
– Sprouted beans

SATURDAY – Evening meal
– Fragrant Thai curry
– Brown rice
– Carrot, cabbage and coconut salad with tamari toasted seeds
– Leafy salad
– Kimchi

SUNDAY – Lunch
– Assorted vegetables roasted in spices
– Tabbouleh salad
– Hummus
– Coleslaw
– Kimchi
– Sprouted beans

There will also be some sweet treats served in the afternoons:
– Courgette and elderflower cake (Friday)
– Chai spiced energy balls (Saturday)
– Banana flapjack cake (Sunday)

The adult meal deal is for six meals from the Friday evening meal until Sunday lunch time. There will be no other catering on-site during this time, but we will be firing up the pizza oven on Thursday and Sunday nights (included). Please bring your own plates and cutlery. Washing up stations with hot water provided.

Radical Bakers is a weekend camping event with focused workshops during the day and live music and a bar in the evenings. There is Kids’ stuff, outdoor activities, Team Bake-off, solar cinema and a chance to learn and share practical skills.

There are no hidden costs and the ticket price includes booking fees, camping and parking plus access to all the Workshops. Tickets are available from