An archive of some of the past activities at our gatherings. It doesn’t count the impromptu skill shares, conversations and chance meetings that really make it worthwhile (or the ones without articles written yet…). Radical Bakers Gatherings have full days of workshops in nice canvas spaces. Our focus is on self-reliance and sustainability.

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Scroll down to find full articles on our past workshops or check the event pages for details of this year’s confirmed activities. Summer Gathering, Harvest Camp.

Textiles with Julie Henderson

julie talking to people in the textiles tent

The Textiles tent is a calm yet busy space inside a lovely, white canvas marquee. Julie will be providing support, advice and sewing skills to upcycle textiles and fabric throughout Radical Bakers, concentrating on what you need for low impact living. Come along to…

Herbal first aid with Knight-fox Wild about Learning

We are Ryan, Cathryn & Savannah, a family of gatherers. We are passionate about re-discovering the skills of our ancestors and passing on this knowledge. We have been gathering seeds this year to start growing a herbal medicine garden as well as planting and…

Raise the Roof – Poetry Performance by Lucy Aphramor

Raise the Roof (48 mins) takes the audience through a mesmerizing, provocative and shocking narrative weaving abuse, fat shame, flawed public health messages, queer identity, Grenfell Towers and the Black Lives Matter movement. Here’s what reviewers have said: ‘Lucy holds your attention breathlessly throughout’…

Effective Activism with Sami

My workshop is ‘Effective Activism in a Police State’. I’ll be talking about activism experiences, modern resistance in the UK, and the implications of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. I will be covering police brutality, land occupations, direct action and the legal…

WET Water Systems with Jay Abrahams from Biologic Design

Jay Abrahams is a microbiologist and permaculture designer who specialises in creating WET water treatment systems for domestic sewage, farming and industry. He coined the term “Treebogs” and talks about designing and building these willow-based composting toilets. Jay runs Biologic Design Ltd. In 2022…

Fermenting Vegetables with Annie Levy

I teach creative kraut and kimchi making, starting with the basics and encouraging a sense of empowerment towards developing a personal practice at home. Fermenting is easy and I present what I know as simple, sharable and doable! That’s one of my fundamental premises,…

Upcycled Jewellery with Julie Dawson

We will be learning some basic jewellery making techniques that will allow us to do basic repairs as well as make our own pieces. We’ll then transform found and natural objects and waste materials into wearable upcycled art. All materials will be supplied, but…

Crochet with Lisa

With Lisa you will learn how to create a basic foundation chain and then crochet into it using different stitches you will learn during our workshop. The aim of this class is to help people who have never picked up a hook and would…

Poetry with Bethany Rivers

A fun and relaxing time in nature, being inspired by trees and birds, you will be provided with easy writing prompts from experienced tutor and nature lover, Bethany Rivers. You will be invited to jot down what is significant to you in the present…

Singing with Sylvia

Simple song sharing for the love of singing. Sylvia says: Having recently trained with Singing Mamas, I have been singing in my dreams, when I wake up, on my dog walks, on the bicycle, in the car … Simple predictable songs/ Mantras in English,…