Past and Present workshops

An archive of some of the activities at our gatherings. It doesn’t count the impromptu skill shares, conversations and chance meetings that really make it worthwhile (or the ones without articles written yet…). Radical Bakers Gatherings have full days of workshops in nice canvas spaces. Our focus is on self-reliance and sustainability.

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Radical Bakers Gathering, Crabapple Community, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
12-14th June 2020.

More details, confirmed workshops and tickets HERE.

Radical Bakers Harvest Camp, Cerddin Farm, Llanymawddwy, Gwynedd, Wales
11-13th September 2020.

More details and tickets HERE.

Seed Saving with Diane from Bristol Seed Swap

Diane says: “I am one of the organisers of Bristol Seed Swap and want to get as many people as possible reskilled in the saving of seeds. I grow on an allotment, and that presents a number of challenges in trying to keep varieties…

Green Woodworking with Mike Craig

Mike giving his green woodwork workshop to smiling people drining tea at radical bakers

Mike Craig gives us a general introduction to the basic skills used in green woodwork. He will encourage you to see the woodland ecology through a woodsmith’s eyes. Tree selection and sustainable timber use will be discussed as will the connections between green woodwork…

Bees and Humans with Phil Cowley Jones

Phil ran this workshop in 2019. An alternative approach to the care of bees. How to develop new understandings and ways of relating to the bee that work with the natural behaviour of the creature rather than the enforced and stressful behaviour seen in…

Wild Meat with Tannery Organic Traditional

Scott ethically sources animals that are either road kill, food system waste or from hunting waste. He brought Grey Squirrels to RB2019. Squirrel meat is one of the safest, tastiest and healthiest meats out there. Scott will discuss what to watch out for when…

Foraging walks at Crabapple with Stu

Our resident forager Stu will be leading wild food foraging walks around the grounds of Berrington hall and also demonstrating his anaerobic gas digester. Crabapple Community have a beautifully bio-diverse site with mature trees all round. They are one of the oldest housing cooperatives…

Growing Mushrooms with Nicki

Gourmet mushrooms are tasty and highly nutritious but expensive to buy. Food miles and low carbon food production are increasingly important. Mushroom growing can be part of a solution to these problems that most of us can easily take up at home. This workshop…

Water Systems with Jay Abrahams

Jay Abrahams is a microbiologist and permaculture designer who specialises in creating WET water treatment systems for domestic sewage, farming and industry. He coined the term “Treebogs” and gives a talk on designing and building these willow-based composting toilets. Jay is a trustee of…

Solar power and batteries

Basic low voltage DC fusing, wiring and safety for beginners. Everyone needs lights in their kitchen. This is a basic talk with hands-on demonstrations aimed at people with no experience of solar power, batteries or LEDs. Learn to test batteries using meters and indicators…

Cold Smoking and Starting a Smallholding business

Andy demonstrates how to oak smoke food using a cold smoker. He also gives informal talks on how he set up a small permaculture business (Home Farm) covering greenwood crafts, wool production, growing and harvesting willow, sustainable energy at Home Farm, cider making, perennial…

Practical Herbal Medicine with Iain Stewart – make ointments and salves

Ian ran a workshop entitled Practical Herbal Medicine at Radical Bakers Gathering 2018 and 2019. Iain will guide you through how to make a number of herbal remedies including a syrup, an ointment, a salve and a tincture. You take home everything you make….