An archive of some of the past activities at our gatherings. It doesn’t count the impromptu skill shares, conversations and chance meetings that really make it worthwhile (or the ones without articles written yet…). Radical Bakers Gatherings have full days of workshops in nice canvas spaces. Our focus is on self-reliance and sustainability.

2023 Summer Timetable
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2022 Summer Gathering Timetable
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2019 Summer Gathering – Thurs/Fri
2019 Summer Gathering – Saturday
2019 Summer Gathering – Sunday
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2018 Summer Gathering Timetable – Saturday
2018 Summer Gathering Timetable – Sunday

Scroll down to find full articles on our past workshops or check the event pages for details of this year’s confirmed activities. Summer Gathering, Harvest Camp.

Camp market

market stalls in the baker's arms

Weekend ticket holders are welcome to have a stall at our Camp Market. Bring your crafts, upcycled items, Tat, homemade preserves, and fresh produce to swap and sell during the daytime on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We offer a limited number of tables, or…

Baker’s Arms Cafe

Download the Radical Bakers Gathering Camp Cookbook with all our ingredients and recipes. Are you looking for a relaxing weekend where you don’t have to worry about cooking? Radical Bakers offers two fully catered meal deals including tea and coffee from 8am to 6pm,…

Team Bake-off and Baking area

Gather your wits for the Team Bake-off. The limit is your imagination, the rules fluid, the judging kind. The weekend starts with a Friday evening baking session introducing you to the baking area. Bake-off teams can be formed of any reasonable number. You can…

Natural Bee Keeping with BfD

Monica from BfD gives a talk/demonstration of Natural Beekeeping and leading a Bee walk in the grounds of Berrington Hall. She brings equipment but no bees to illustrate her talk and demonstration, and some honeys for tasting. This workshop is for people who know…

Bat Identification with Kath

Was that a bat…? Everything you should know about those little flying animals. An introductory workshop on common UK bats, their habitats, lifecycles and interaction with people. Topics include identifying UK bats you might see, flight patterns, echolocation principles and bat detectors, roosts and…

Bulk Baking with Andy’s Bread

Andy ran bulk baking sessions in 2019 to bake the bread for the café each morning. Andy’s Bread is a small artisan bakery based in Llanidloes, Powys. Their range includes slowly fermented rye and wheat sourdough breads, traditional tin loaves and viennoiserie products. Andy…

Nutrition with Isy Morgenmuffel

Isy cooking nutrition

One of the keynote talks in 2018 was on Nutrition. Isy will be demystifying nutritional science (e.g. fats, digestion, blood sugar), and giving ideas for developing a healthy relationship with food. A chance to ask questions and discuss practical solutions for improving how we…

Home Brewing with Scott Rewild

wild cafty brewing scott and son

Brewing is one of the oldest crafts known to humans. The age-honoured hobby of making wines and beers from fruits, vegetables, flowers, grains, honey and herbs. Home Brewing has never been easier. You can choose to not add unnecessary sugars, preservatives and other chemicals….

Soil Building and Biochar with Ed Revill

We are increasing food production, whilst expecting ever cheaper food. Intensive farming is causing alarming rates of soil erosion and climate change. Ed Revill’s workshop on Biochar and soil building aims to understand and explore a path back to living within the Earth’s capacity…


Willow Be-Hooked help you make your own willow creation – something for your home or garden or a present for a friend. Its a beautiful mellow space for meeting and crafting. Willow-be-Hooked will be making the wicker part of some Bannetons for baking sourdough…