An archive of some of the past activities at our gatherings. It doesn’t count the impromptu skill shares, conversations and chance meetings that really make it worthwhile (or the ones without articles written yet…). Radical Bakers Gatherings have full days of workshops in nice canvas spaces. Our focus is on self-reliance and sustainability.

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Scroll down to find full articles on our past workshops or check the event pages for details of this year’s confirmed activities. Summer Gathering, Harvest Camp.

Merched Y Berllan – Orchard Management

Orchard Daughters

Orchard Daughters – Merched Y Berllan are based near Machynlleth with decades of experience, mostly operating across Mid Wales including Powys, Shropshire, Gwynedd, and Ceredigion. Machynlleth is at the centre of the UNESCO Dyfi Biosphere Reserve, a valley internationally recognised for its natural beauty,…

UPcycling with Sara Mai

Upcycling waste paper is a rewarding skill for all ages. We will be weaving Paper for Baskets and Origami Balls. We will also be upcycling Tetrapaks into Tetra-Purses and Tetra-Balls Upcycling is the transformation of a resource, with low energy input, to prolong the…

Green Woodworking with Mike Craig

Mike giving his green woodwork workshop to smiling people drining tea at radical bakers

Mike Craig gives us a general introduction to the basic skills used in green woodwork. He will encourage you to see the woodland ecology through a woodsmith’s eyes. Tree selection and sustainable timber use will be discussed as will the connections between green woodwork…

Morning Yoga with Vaughan Dagnell

Morning Yoga sessions with Vaughan Dagnell from Flip Your Dog for Mental Health. Vaughan Says: Join us for some lush yoga, breath work and meditation as we connect with our bodies and nurture positive vibes! Saturdays session will be on the dynamic side of…

Reclaiming Lithium Cells, DIY Batteries, LED Lighting and Basic Electrical Safety with Blake from Green Dragon

Build your own USB Powerbank from reclaimed 18650 cells that you can recharge with a USB phone charger. I can accommodate complete beginners as well as those with experience of Lithium batteries and LEDs. Charge mobile phones and power LED lighting in the field! This…

Hydroponics, Cold Smoking and Working Towards Self-reliance with Andy Alder

Basic Hydroponics DIY Hydroponics using readily available materials that are often found for free. We will look at different types of set ups, including: Bottle Hydroponics, Floating rafts, Wicking beds, Nutrient Film Techniques and Flood and Drain. We will construct a simple system using…

Pizza Making

Join us at Our Summer Gathering for an Unforgettable Pizza Adventure! We are thrilled to invite you to our annual Summer Gathering, where we learn new and exciting skills. This year, we’re taking our passion for pizza to the next level, and we want…

Spinning and Dyeing with Stella Berg

Stella Berg, herbalist and textile maker, has been spinning and dyeing yarns and making textiles for fifty years. She talks about the wild collection, cultivation and preparation of dye plants and the basics of how dyeing is done with British yarns (nettles, hemp, linen,…

Haybox cooking with Jane Segaran

Jane is back this year with her range of Haybox Cookers and is looking forward to dishing up a simple meal to sample. The workshop will be all about Haybox Cookers and how you could make one yourself at home, using items found round…

Low Impact Architecture

John will be talking about Low impact design and Passivhaus building. He will also be talking about Machynlleth’s reaction to Climate emergency. He is creating an online tool for collaboration and organisation around making actual change. John Williamson has designed & built Low Impact…